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Fix I/V

Designed by nurses, for nurses

Improving care for newborns is our true mission. Imagined, created, and developed in Quebec by experienced pediatric nurses, our product replaces unstable and ineffective splints for infants, avoiding unnecessary handling and additional trauma. Initially adopted by the Chibougamau hospital for the well-being of the little ones, our splints are now present in several hospitals across Quebec. Since the beginning of our journey, the product has also been marketed, known, and appreciated in the European healthcare system.

Used in perinatology and pediatrics, Fix I/V splints enable nurses to save time and provide better care to their young patients. Those who have tried them never want to go back.

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For several years now

OMG. I wish Sofia had this instead of a big thing bigger than her arm. Beautiful invention. It’s already not easy for us to see our babies hospitalized, and when you see the baby’s arm with a big thing that takes up a lot of space and is not comfortable at all… It’s a superb idea! Élizabeth Picard • Parent
Wow! I wish they had this when my son had surgery in Roberval last November. His recovery would have been much easier!

I wish my city had this when my child was born. Such a great invention! Congratulations, ladies!


This is truly a revolution 🙂 It’s not a luxury; it’s something that improves the quality of life for our sick children. The colorful aspect makes the splint more attractive 🙂 and joyful! I hope all hospitals will equip themselves!


Les attelles viennent deux modèles différents

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