Why Choose

the FIX I/V® splint

An alternative

to homemade splints

The splints used in most hospitals are made from improvised materials. Nurses waste a considerable amount of time assembling each splint, which, moreover, does not adequately meet the needs. The Fix I/V splints provide comfort and stability for intravenous treatments in pediatric patients. They are easy to install and simplify daily checks of the intravenous site.



No compromise

For our little ones

Quick and easy setup

Simply place the infant’s hand or arm in the splint, use a minimal amount of adhesive tape, and you’re good to go.

Enhancement of care quality

More stable, no need to reinstall the catheter, hence less trauma for our newborns.

Increased comfort for children

Components tailored for small hands and arms for a better fit and the child’s comfort.

Reduced risk of incidents

By preventing catheter displacement, the risks of infiltrations and infections in the treatment area are significantly reduced.

Time and cost savings

The nurse can quickly complete the installation and save time to provide other care.

Simplifies the task of nurses

Visual access to intravenous pathways facilitates and improves checks of the catheter entry site.

Eliminates the shortcomings of homemade splints.

No more wasted time modifying ill-fitting equipment for infants; just install it.

For the benefit of all.

Tested for several years,

Fix I/V has demonstrated its high reliability.

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