Equipment for support

of intravenous pathways

An uncompromising alternative

A winning choice

Quick and easy installation

Improvement in the quality of care

Increased comfort for children

Reduction of the risk of incidents

Time and money savings

Simplifies the task for nurses

Eliminates the shortcomings of homemade splints

Our splints


No latex
Plastic materials
4 colors corresponding to each size

Hand splint

7.86 per brace (box of 20)

Elbow brace

7.86 per brace (box of 20)

Recognized reliability

For several years now

OMG. I wish Sofia had this instead of a big thing bigger than her arm. Beautiful invention. It’s already not easy for us to see our babies hospitalized, and when you see the baby’s arm with a big thing that takes up a lot of space and is not comfortable at all… It’s a great idea! 
Élizabeth Picard • Parent

Wow! I wish they had this when my son had surgery in Roberval last November. His recovery would have been much easier!



I wish my city had this when my child was born. Such a great invention! Congratulations, ladies!


It’s truly a revolution 🙂 It’s not a luxury, it’s something that improves the quality of life for our sick children. The colorful aspect makes the brace more appealing 🙂 and cheerful! I hope all hospitals will adopt it!



An I/V Fix brace is an accessory used to immobilize a limb, specifically the arm or hand of a child, to secure intravenous (I/V) lines that are installed for various treatments. I/V Fix braces are ultra-lightweight, comfortable, and latex-free. They enhance the stability of intravenous lines in neonatal and pediatric patients. They are disposable and thus meet hospital infection prevention standards. They are made of safe and hypoallergenic materials.

The braces used in most hospitals are made from improvised materials found on-site. You can see braces made from pieces of plastic or metal taken from equipment intended for adult patients. To keep them in place and prevent injuries to toddlers, excessive use of bandages is required to complement the setup. Nurses must therefore use their imagination to find a more or less acceptable solution, and as a result, they waste a considerable amount of time assembling each brace manually.

I/V Fix braces offer several advantages over traditional braces, particularly in terms of comfort and the stability of intravenous access for the treatment of the smallest patients, as well as facilitating daily checks of the intravenous site.

The primary function of I/V Fix braces is undoubtedly comfort. They effectively secure intravenous lines on the arms and hands of small children, infants, and newborns. When properly applied, they withstand the various abrupt movements of toddlers, reducing the risk of complications and injuries, such as dangerous infiltrations.

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