A splint that’s more effective and easier to apply

The FIX I/V neonatal and pediatric splint makes nurses’ lives easier in Quebec, and soon in the rest of Canada and the United States. Designed by nurses, this product is simple to apply and saves time so you can move on to other important things.
FIX I/V splints are ultra-light, comfortable and latex-free. Their efficiency has been shown to be much greater than all other models currently on the market. They are better at holding IVs in place for infants and children. Plus, they are disposable and therefore meet infection-prevention standards, and are made of safe and hypoallergenic materials.
The primary aim of FIX I/V is to reduce the trauma caused by frequent catheter reinsertions.

See how easy it is to use this new design to immobilize a limb during intravenous treatment.



Do you know if Sainte-Justine is going to get some? I work in hematology-oncology there and that would be wonderful! Congrats on the initiative!

Camille Bouchard • Nurse

Let’s not mince words… the gauze bandages they throw together in the emergency room before going up to the ped floor, that’s a big NO! But this is revolutionary!

Janie Pelland • Nurse

Wow! Well done, this is much better than the boards that shift around and always come apart… I hope a lot of hospitals use them.


Bravo, ladies! You met your need, and now it will help other nurses. It will be better for everyone!

Christine Ménard • Nurse

And now, if only these could be made for adults and seniors! How marvelous!


FIX I/V is in Baie-Comeau. The ladies have loved it so far. I’m proud that it comes from near us. You’ll spread the word!! Great job!!


Super splint!! It held up well. Very active since last night. I was really worried it would come off, but no… Super product!

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