NO. FIX I/V® splints are for single use only. Several good reasons, including the prevention of infections, justified this choice during the design of the product.

It is also inadvisable to attempt to sterilize the FIX I/V® splints after use since the plastic they are made of does not withstand the heat generated by a washing system at high temperature, and therefore may damage the integrity of the splint. In addition, liquids used by such a system could seep between plastic layers and develop mold. Considering the costs generated by the amount of hot water, soap, time, depreciation of equipment and labor, among other things, sterilization would not be significantly advantageous compared to the use of a new splint.

Nevertheless, we are aware of and sensitive to the potential environmental impact of single-use products, and this is why FIX I/V® splints are 100% recyclable.